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When Adolph Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, he claimed Germany needed more living space. Before long, it was clear that his real aim was to conquer Europe and the world. By the time the allies defeated him, they had lost more than 50 million people and spent some $20 trillions of dollars. Hitler was just another mad man bent on ruling the world. The only rightful King of the world is God Himself. The author of Psalm 47 knew that and invited everyone in the entire world to worship him. He writes, “Come everyone! Clap your hands! Shout to God with joyful praise. Then he gives us some reasons why we should adore Him. We should do so because the LORD is awesome. He is the great king of all the earth. He subdues nations before us, putting our enemies beneath our feet. The psalmist celebrates God’s work in history of giving his people the Promised Land as their inheritance. He celebrated and thanked God for the recent blessings God had given his people. But in addition, he celebrated a future victory when all the nations of the world would give homage to his God. He anticipated the arrival of the Messiah, the proclamation of the Gospel, and the ultimate victory of Christ as King of the entire world. Even though the Messiah’s final victory is future for us, we are know it will happen. That is why we surrender now to God’s appointed King, Jesus Christ.

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