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The U. S. Constitution gives our president power to declare certain things law without an act of Congress. The president can declare certain things law by issuing an executive order. In a more profound way, God has the authority to make declarations. According to Romans 5, God declares a person justified when that person exercises faith in Jesus Christ. The Messiah’s atoning death prepared the way for God to issue such an order. Based on God’s declaration, (1) a believing sinner can have peace with God. The hostility, the enmity, between God and the sinner is gone. But peace with God is just one of the blessings God bestows on those who exercise faith in Him through His Son. Paul states that (2) God brings us into the place of undeserved privilege. God places us into His family. As family members, we receive an inheritance that God has reserved for us. Any inheritance that comes from God will be huge and everlasting. (3) We can rejoice when we encounter trouble because we know trials develop our character, and character strengthens our confident hope of eternal salvation. This hope is not merely a wish or a dream that things will get better by and by. We base our hope on the integrity of God. He cannot lie or disappoint. Blessings such as these are why believers in Jesus Christ are so confident, even when their circumstances look bleak.

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