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The UL mark on a product helps to insure the integrity of the product. It means the underwriter’s have tested samples of the product. They have determined that it meets UL’s rigid requirements. In a much more profound way, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is like a seal on the person and work of Christ. It authenticates the Messiah’s claims. People ask why we consider Christianity unique. We point to the Messiah’s resurrection. Jesus claimed that He came from heaven, that He was God in the flesh, and that His teachings originated in heaven. He said He came as God’s sacrificial Lamb to bear the sins of the whole world; that all that rely on him would have eternal life. He backed up His claims by dying and rising from the dead. The disciples saw Him alive after He died. They preferred to die rather than deny His resurrection. We read Peter’s unmistakable words in Acts, chapter 3, “God raised him from the dead, and we are witnesses of this fact!” Peter later said of Christ, “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” Paul said the same truth in Romans 1:4. Of course, people are free to believe whatever they choose; but the resurrection of Christ from the dead confirms His identity and work — far better than any research lab can vouch for a product.

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