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The travel industry is notorious for offering packaged vacations. Some include travel, hotel, food, and entertainment–all for one price. The appeal is that you can have a pleasant get-away in one place at one low price. David of old liked the all-in-one idea too. He found all the essentials of his wellbeing in Yahweh, His Shepherd. He wrote Psalm 23 to celebrate His all-in-one Shepherd. He wrote, “The LORD is my shepherd and I shall not want.” Having the LORD as his Shepherd meant that he lacked nothing. God provided protection and provisions just as a shepherd does for his sheep. God provided rest and peace–the right tonic for David’s body and spirit–just as a shepherd provides for sheep. God provided wisdom and guidance through life–just as a shepherd guides his sheep through difficult ravines but into paths of righteousness. David felt secure knowing that God used His rod and staff to protect him from enemies and to discipline him when he went astray. He delighted in the intimate fellowship of his Shepherd’s table and the honor the Shepherd gave him by anointing his head with oil. David’s cup of joy overflowed. Furthermore, he was confident that his Shepherd would never abandon him. Guess what. When we have Jesus Christ as our Savior, David’s Shepherd is our shepherd too.

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