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C. S. Lewis, who turned from atheism to faith in Christ, wrote this: “We are afraid of the jeer about ‘pie in the sky.’ But either there is ‘pie in the sky’ or there is not. If there is not, then Christianity is false, for the doctrine is woven into its whole fabric.” Lewis knew that the idea of pie in the sky depended on people having life after death. The Bible teaches this, and Paul affirmed it before King Agrippa when he said, “I am on trial because of my hope in the fulfillment of God’s promise made to our ancestors” (Acts 26). Paul was aware that God promised his ancestors there would be a resurrection of the righteous and the wicked. The righteous would rise to eternal joy and the wicked would rise to everlasting shame. Paul asked King Agrippa a question that any person would ponder: “Why does it seem incredible that God can raise the dead?” From a child, Paul conducted his life based on the hope of a coming Messiah. The Messiah appeared. He atoned for sin by dying and rising again. He went back to heaven. With Paul, we expect the Messiah will return one day. He will give us new bodies. He will consolidate all power in heaven and in earth. Those who accept Jesus Christ will get their pie in the sky. That is why we love God and people. It is why we work for justice, and share the news of God’s love and forgiveness. We believe God will keep His promise.

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