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The wealthy Warren Buffett has hired the man he wants to run his empire after he dies. In a more profound way, before our Lord left the earth, He chose people to carry on His mission. Christ’s chosen apostles dutifully proclaimed His message to their generation. Each generation since then transmits the Gospel and builds the Body of Christ. Before He left, our Lord described the kind of people He would need to carry on. One important trait is faithfulness. Christ illustrated this trait with the example of a servant. He said a faithful servant is somebody the master can trust to look after his household├│someone who will feed and care for them. If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, he will reward him and expand his responsibility. On the other hand, if the servant takes his eyes off pleasing his master, he will do things that deserve discipline when the master returns. While the master is absent, the unreliable servant will act with authority he does not have and beat the other servants. He will spend his time partying and drinking. His master will return unexpectedly, demote him, and give him a place with hypocrites. He will have proved that he is not a reliable servant. Whether Christ has assigned us to lead others or not, He expects us to use the abilities He has given us. We should serve faithfully until He returns or as long as we live.

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