With Planned Parenthood pulled into the Federal budget debate, abortion returns to the spotlight as a central issue in the American culture wars. What will be the buzz in your church this weekend?

Though political advocacy is a no-no in America’s tax-exempt religious congregations, this Sunday many pulpits across the country will no doubt find ways to voice their concerns over the current political unrest taking place in Washington, especially if the Federal government shuts down as many are predicting. Sparked by the GOP’s policy rider to cut government funding for Planned Parenthood, abortion has returned to center stage as a pivotal issue in the culture wars.

UPDATE: President Obama and congressional leaders reached a last-minute budget deal that averted a government shutdown. Apparently, the Planned Parenthood issue was tabled for the time being.

More progressive Christians will express their resentment toward House Republicans and their seemingly manipulative attempt to gain votes and divide the nation in times of economic crisis. Other more conservative believers will argue that no matter what political debates may exist, abortion is fundamentally and scripturally wrong and the government should in no way provide funding that might abet it.

Which congregation will you be in this weekend? Do you think your church will have something to say about the controversy? Where do you fall personally?

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