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One song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir places these words in God’s mouth, “Didn’t I put food on your table, show up when the bills were due; when the pains were racking your body, I brought healing down to you. When you were lost in sin and sorrow, I died to set you free so you would know just how much I love you.” Nehemiah 9 records a listing of God’s blessings to his ancient people Israel along with their response to God’s blessings. Here is a part of the account: “You gave them bread from heaven when they were hungry and water from the rock when they were thirsty. Yet our ancestors were proud and stubborn; they paid no attention to your commands. They refused to obey and did not remember the miracles you had done for them. Instead, they became stubborn and appointed a leader to take them back to Egypt! But you are a God of forgiveness, gracious and merciful, slow to become angry, and rich in unfailing love. You did not abandon them, even when they made an idol shaped like a calf and said, “This is your god who brought you out of Egypt! They committed terrible blasphemies. But in your great mercy, you did not abandon them to die in the wilderness.” The pillar of cloud still led them by day and by night. Let us never take God’s blessings for granted. Rather, let us love and serve God with all our heart, and love others as we love ourselves.

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