'Legion' Lacks Reason

Legion PosterPerhaps you’ve seen snippets from the new film Legion and wondered to yourself what it’s all about. You’ve seen the biblical imagery and the special effects sequences featuring the multitude of soaring angels. All very intriguing. But when the trailer for a “religious” movie also shows an old lady snarling and crawling up the wall like a demonized creature, you know something’s not quite right. Believe it or not, that little old lady is possessed by an angel. That’s right — an angel sent by God.

Welcome to the apocalyptic world of writer/director Scott Charles Stewart, where a hodge-podge of distorted biblical elements and twisted truths is the order of the day. Legion is definitely not your father’s biblical epic.

The basic premise of the entire movie is summed up in one eloquent phrase: “God is tired of all the BS.” Stewart found this statement to be so profound that it was mentioned not once, but twice. Because God is giving up on the human race, everyone must go. Nobody is worth saving this time around.

In order to carry out the extermination, God sends His angels to do His bidding, much like the Wicked Witch of the West uses her flying monkeys. These “dogs of heaven,” as they are called (yes, they wear collars), are able to possess people like demons and terrorize others. One would think God could find a more efficient method of world destruction, but I guess this film confuses His mysterious ways for silly ones.


Pro-Life at the Super Bowl

Thumbnail image for Quarterback Tim TebowThe 2010 Super Bowl ads haven’t even aired yet, but one has already sparked a huge controversy. On February 7, 2010, CBS plans to air a commercial featuring former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow during Super Bowl XLIV. The commercial, which is sponsored by Focus on the Family, is a personal testimony of how Tebow’s mother, Pam, risked her life in order to save her unborn child.

Pam was pregnant with Tim, her fifth child, during a mission trip in the Philippines. She became seriously ill, and the doctors suggested she have an abortion. Pam disregarded the advice of her doctors and later gave birth to a son, who went on to become a celebrated college football player and NFL prospect.


Faith, Family, and Football

Faith, Family, and Football for urban faith

THANKSGIVING GRACE: After taking in homeless teenager Michael Oher, the Tuohy family rediscovers the importance of sitting at the table together. Photos courtesy of Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Part drama, part sports flick, part urban exposé, The Blind Side tells the inspiring true story of NFL star Michael Oher and the white family who transformed his life — and had theirs transformed as a result. (more…)

A Disappointing End to the World

2012 90x140The movie 2012 lived up to my very low expectations — spectacular special effects and an incredible lack of substance. There’s only one major action sequence, which has been featured in all of the previews, while the rest of the movie focuses mostly on devastation. The story and the characters are clichéd and predictable. Pointless scenes of suffering and turmoil are used in a misguided attempt to spark some sort of emotional response from the audience. How is watching millions of people suffer supposed to be entertaining? I don’t get it.


The Scariest Movie of All Time?

Paranormal Activity Poster 1Like a lot of people this past weekend, I caught a late-night showing of Paranormal Activity, the new horror film that cost a lowly $15,000 to make but has grossed more than $62 million at the box office so far. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where the audience screamed so much.

Instead of relying on pop-out parts, loud music, and gore, this film relies on eerie, quiet scenes that make viewers fidget in their seats. There were several moments that I felt the adrenaline pumping in my veins! I’ve read reports about grown men crying in theaters and people not being able to sleep for a week after seeing it, and the hype is legit.