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People call Bishop Desmond Tutu South Africa’s moral conscience because he helped to defeat apartheid; and because after apartheid fell, he chaired the Reconciliation Commission. That commission’s goal was to foster peace and prevent civil war. We need more leaders like Bishop Tutu. Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of His day because they failed to lead by example. Jesus chastised them for exploiting others in their quest for power and money. We read this in Matthew 23: “They teach but do not follow their own example. They do not practice what they teach. They crush people with demands and never lift a finger to ease their burden. Everything they do is for show.” By contrast, a professor at a business school points to ancient Abraham as an ideal leader. He says Abraham had visionĂ³he left his home in Ur to start a new nation. He was courageous–He took 300 men and rescued his nephew Lot from kidnappers. He revealed a strong sense of justice when he pleaded with God to spare Sodom. When God told him to sacrifice his son on the altar, he revealed his faith and loyalty to God. He showed great humility when he gave Lot first choice of the land for his cattle. Jesus said serving others with humility is a sign of a great leader. Not every leader will be as ideal as Abraham was; but every leader could aim to have his leadership values.

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