By now you’ve heard about the Louisiana justice of the peace’s decision to deny an interracial couple a marriage license. He says he’s not racist, just concerned about how the children of such unions will be rejected by society.

This has been a commonly cited reason for the opposition to Black/White interracial dating and marriage down through the years: “The kids will be rejected by both Blacks and Whites,” they say. And to tell you the truth, society has often been unkind to biracial kids. Earlier this year, UrbanFaith even featured an article about this issue.

So, does this Louisiana judge have a point? Is it wise to bring an innocent child into the world if he’s going to be subjected to such adversity and rejection? In our day and age, is there still too much division and prejudice for a person of mixed-race origin to have success in life? Perhaps we should ask that biracial guy in the White House.

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