What do you think about this poem? Can you relate? What advice would you give the boy who lives with drama? Share your thoughts with us!

living with dramaA young boy wakes up in a house full of corruption

His family’s always fighting–arguing and cursin’

He tries his best–the problem to find

But the more he tries, the more he runs out of time

So he leaves to go to school, his heart heavy with grief
Problems at home, and the kid who got beef

So for him not to loose all of his teeth

He’s got to stand back–at least 30 feet

Problems in the classroom

Didn’t study for the test he had to take

The boy begins to think

I need to take a break

What’s my reasoning for being in school?
Might as well be like the dropouts–they seem cool

Is there a really a future in this for myself?

Head down on his knees–he’s not feeling like himself

Wednesday night prayer meeting

The young boy heads off to church

He really doesn’t want to because he’s feeling really hurt

He goes to the sanctuary–everyone looks up starin’

He feels very heavy pain inside but it seems that no one’s carin’

He’s looking for answers

He’s looking for peace

But all he finds is hypocrisy

Copywrited (c) 2009 by Bryan Patterson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

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