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A Daily Direction Replay from our late founder Dr. Melvin Banks Sr.

Some surveys in some communities suggest that Sunday school attendance is falling. In looking for causes, experts site things like changes in culture, competition from the media, a lack of people’s desire to know the Bible, or the inflexibility of church programs. In other communities, Sunday school attendance is steady and growing. One fact is certain: We have the unchanging task of communicating God’s truths to every generation. Jesus made that clear when he told his followers to “make disciples of all the nations and teach them to observe everything I have commanded you.” While parents and families have the first and primary responsibility for instilling values into their offspring, Christ designed the local church to be a place where His people can learn, worship, fellowship, and serve. Even King Jehoshaphat knew the value of an educated community. So he sent teams of teachers all over the land of Israel — they taught people the ways and word of God. We learn from 2 Chronicles 17, that King Jehoshaphat was an effective leader. He guided his people toward greater reverence and obedience of God. God honored his efforts and blessed the nation. God blesses any person, family, or nation that honors him and that teaches others to live according to His word.


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