Meb Keflezighi 125x175When runner Meb Keflezighi won the New York City Marathon last week, he became the first U.S. athlete to take first place in that popular race since 1982. As he finished the last leg, he proudly pointed to the U.S.A. singlet that he wore for the race, and he waved the U.S. flag afterward. Keflezighi was clearly proud of his country. But soon afterward, he began getting bashed for not being American enough.

Since Keflezighi was born in Eritrea, some folks were put off by his patriotic gestures. Is he for real? they asked. Some portrayed him as a hired gun, not a true American athlete. But Sports Illustrated writer Brian Cazeneuve thinks this smacks of racism at worst, misguided patriotism at best.

Keflezighi says he’s grateful for the opportunities he and his family have had in this country and he’s proud to be a citizen. Check out Cazeneuve’s commentary at the Sports Illustrated site.

Photo by Julian Mason from Wikipedia .

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