The Pendulum provides a weekly survey of America’s top trending topics. Let us know what you think!

1 US POLITICS President Obama to tackle the deficit on Wednesday? Doubtful

2 WORLD Libyan rape victim’s CNN video, aids feminist revolution in Mid East

3 MIRACLE 45-year-old man survives helicopter crash in New Zealand.

4 MUSIC Kirk is back! I think so anyway; do you?

5 EDUCATION Shop Better World Books. Over $7M raised for libraries.

6 MONEY Good news for procrastinators: this year’s taxes aren’t due until April 18th.

7 TECHNOLOGY Social media site helps you manage your relationship. Wow.

8 TV Some wonder if this is American Idol‘s most racist and sexist season yet.

9 MOVIES The internet is so last year. The future of film? The outernet!

10 CELEB After Breezy’s new uncut video, no one will doubt his “thug” status. (Viewer discretion advised.)

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