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According to one source, more than 30 politicians have gone to prison in the last few years — most of them for cheating –either the government or other people. But make no mistake, leaders taking advantage of others is not new. Long ago, God expressed His disdain for crooked leaders in the nation of Israel. We read this in the book of Isaiah 2: The LORD says He rejected His people because they had filled their land with vile practices. Not only were they cheating their own people, they had made alliances with other nations who cheated and practiced immorality. The nation’s leaders were rich because they had taken advantage of their people. They were now pinning their hopes for security on what they had stolen–gold, silver, and military weapons they had amassed. They were now depending on their fabricated idols that could do nothing for them–things they had made with their hands. Because they had rejected God and were now engaged in evil practices, God declared that He would bring them down. God said the time would come when they would crawl into caves and rocks to hide themselves from the splendor of His majesty. In the Day of God’s judgment, only He would be exalted. God hates sinful practices. God hates to see people exploit one another. God loves to see people live righteously and treat others with justice.

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