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Economic recessions often cause a negative impact on many people. Millions of people may lose their jobs; joblessness increases. One way people cope during a recession is by evaluating their priorities. They reassess their values and pay closer attention to how they spend their money. The ancient nation of Israel had recessions. They experienced the impact of failing crops and run-away inflation. On one occasion, God sent them the Prophet Haggai to explain the reason for their setbacks. God told them that the reason for their recession was that their priorities were misplaced. They were focusing on self, fulfilling their personal desires, and neglecting God. They were clearly ignoring what God wanted them to do. So God said when you brought home your meager harvest, I blew it away. God permitted that recession to get their attention. He did it so they would repent and give God His rightful place in their thinking and plans. The people listened to the messenger. After changing their ways, God sent them another message. This time God said, “I am with you,” meaning I will now help you to succeed. Whether we can identify a special recession messenger from God or not, we have the strong statement from Jesus Himself found in Matt 6:33 “Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”

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