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Even though the word culture is hard to define, many experts agree on one simple definition: culture is the sum of everything a group believes and does at a particular place and time in history. At various times in history, God’s people have reacted to culture in one of three ways. (1) They withdraw and have nothing to do with the world. Or, (2) they are so absorbed in the culture that it is hard to distinguish them from it. Or, (3) they engage culture, and seek to transform it. At various times in history, God’s people have fostered respect for life, concern for the poor and less fortunate, and justice for the abused. They have done all this based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and based on the model He left us. They are not always perfect, but historians agree that without the influence of God’s people, our world would be far more chaotic. Today, God’s people need to be even more active in modeling the values that preserve society. Titus ch. 3 is just one text that urges us to serve our culture. There the Apostle Paul instructs God’s people to be subject to the government and its officers, to be obedient, always ready to do what is good. We show goodness to others because God has been good to us. He loved us and gave His Son to purchase our salvation. By doing good, we make an impact on culture. Our good actions draw people to faith in God and in Jesus our Lord.

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