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When a couple gets married, they take a vow to love and cherish their mate until death separates them. Sadly, many couples break their vows — often deliberately, though sometimes despite their best efforts. Because of our weakness in breaking vows, when it comes to our salvation, God operates on the New Covenant He established between God and us. At Mt Sinai, God instituted the Old Covenant between Himself and His ancient people. Under it, they agreed to obey and serve God exclusively. But the people broke that covenant repeatedly. As a result, God declared that He would establish a New Covenant. Just before Jesus died on the cross, He said that by shedding His blood, He was setting up this New Covenant. Under it, God promises to forgive the sins of all who put their faith in Jesus Christ. He promises to put His laws within us. God does this by sending the Holy Spirit to live inside all who accept Christ as their Savior. Unlike the Old Agreement, under the New Covenant, we enjoy an intimate relationship with God. When we exercise faith in God’s Son, God adopts us into His family. As we submit to God’s Spirit who now lives in us, God’s Spirit uses God’s word to teach us God’s will. He inspires us to choose God’s will, and He empowers us to carry out God’s will. All this is possible because Jesus shed His blood to establish this New Covenant for our benefit.

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