Last week Hillsborough County (Florida) deputy Kenneth Moon, a 22-year veteran, was at his desk inside a jail pod when inmate Douglas Burden brutally attacked him and put him in a deadly chokehold. According to the Tampa Tribune, the only nearby people who could help him were there because they had been charged with attempted murder, home invasion, drug dealing, and aggravated battery.

And yet they came to Deputy Moon’s rescue.

Check out the violent attack and heroic rescue in the video below. Though ultimately inspirational, perhaps one of the burning questions the incident raises is: Why are those inmates allowed to roam around so freely?

Nevertheless, this is a poignant story that shows how respected and well liked Deputy Moon must be among the Hillsborough jail population. It also shows that, along with sin and depravity, there can dwell compassion and decency within the hardest of hearts.

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