Embracing Life -- Day 36

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 36: Racism Redux

Note: Please go to the 40 Days website if you’d like to read the devotional on purpose and choosing life.

Yesterday something very important happened in our nation’s capital. Rep. Trent Franks (Ariz., R) introduced the Prenatal Nondiscriminatory Act (PreNDA), which aims to prohibit “performing or financing sex-selection or race-based abortions.” Most Americans don’t even know that either of these issues is a serious problem, or a threat at all. In fact, they are.

It’s so strange that we need a law to stop people from aborting children specifically based on their race. Then again, why is this surprising when we conduct almost every other facet of our lives based on race? Race is a factor in who lives where, who is employed and by whom, where and whether students get educated, who marries whom and a host of other life decisions. As our lives go, so now goes the death of innocent children.

Back in the fall, a group of college students conducted an undercover investigation targeting Planned Parenthood. They recorded several PP employees willing to accept donations from the students-posing as potential donors-specifically to assist African-American women who might come in for an abortion. The student donors were sure to make it clear that they only wanted their donations to be used for aborting Black babies, and the PP employees didn’t hesitate. It’s been known for years that PP intentionally locates their abortion clinics in communities with high minority, most often Black, populations. But not opposing racially-motivated donations for abortions just adds fuel to the fire.

Oh, how I wish Blacks would wake up to the real deal about abortion. How I wish more White Christians would stand up against racism even when it doesn’t dovetail with their chosen issues. I want them to be as angry about housing, employment, and educational discrimination as they are about discrimination in the womb. Yesterday’s press conference was a nice example of this type of cross-cultural concern as Rep. Franks stood with African-American pro-life leaders like Dr. Alveda King and Pastor Clenard Childress. But I want to see more, and I hope others do, too.

Find out more at the 40 Days for Life website.

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