Embracing Life -- Day 31

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 31: Meeting the Hurting

Would you ever intentionally pray to meet someone who was hurting? When preparing for a speaking or teaching engagement, I’ve prayed for women to be healed and restored. But I’m not sure I’ve ever prayed specifically to run across someone who was considering an abortion. Maybe I don’t think I need to pray that way since I’m probably more likely than most people to cross paths with women like that. But now I’m really thinking about it, thanks to Carmen’s challenge today.

I’ve learned that when you pray for things, if you really expect God to do what you’re asking, then you’d better be prepared when the answer comes. How would you personally need to prepare if you asked the Lord to bring someone to you who was thinking about an abortion, or maybe even already has an appointment scheduled? Would you brush up on abortion statistics? Would you try to find books that shed light on the experiences of post-abortive women? Would you research information on adoption in your state? All of those things could help. But what if you didn’t get a chance to do any of those things and met a woman in the express line at the grocery store, who confessed that she already has three children? She has no idea how she can possibly support another child. What would you say?

I think this is a great question to consider. If we are praying for abortions to stop, how might we respond if given the chance to make a difference in one woman’s life? Are we prepared to make a difference, and are we even looking for ways to make a difference?

Look around your world. Given the current abortion statistics, about four of the ten women you come across today have either had an abortion, or are considering it. Would you like the chance to help change one of their lives? Pray, then see what happens.

Find out more at the 40 Days for Life website.

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