Embracing Life -- Day 15

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 15: A Different Kind of Choice

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I pray at a local abortion clinic. Clearly the true objective is to not have one more woman consent to an abortion and so in essence eliminate the need for the clinic’s existence. Obviously if I’m still going there, women are still showing up to have abortions. So on the surface it might seem that no progress is being made. I choose to reject apparent defeat and believe otherwise.

Over the last ten years abortions have decreased 40 percent in my county. That’s progress. More and more women with unexpected pregnancies have discovered resources available to help them provide for their children. For example, the Life Resource Centre where I work provides free clothing, food, and supplies for newborns and young children. More progress. I admit that it can be discouraging to read the newspaper and see the writer refer to us as anti-abortion and the abortion lobby as abortion rights advocates. How come we are “anti,” and they are “activists”? They sound heroic, we sound contrary. I guess that could make one feel a sense of defeat, of the kind mentioned in today’s reflection. But I try to resist that feeling and focus on the task at hand.

We all have choices. I choose to see obstacles as inevitable and defeat as optional. And thank God I’m free to make that choice.

Find out more at the 40 Days for Life website.

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