Embracing Life -- Day 13

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 13: Wondrous Love

Boy, the Lord really has my number with today’s devotional. On the way home from last night’s evening service, I saw someone who was not particularly pleasant to me a couple days before when I led a workshop at the Darlene Bishop Home for Life. We talked about how to smooth out the bumpy road we have to travel when trying to process and integrate change into out lives. One of the women at the workshop was noticeably uncooperative. She didn’t participate in any of the exercises and she kept her back to me almost the entire time I spoke. She really got on my nerves. I hadn’t thought much about her until last night when I saw her again after service and received basically the same reception from her as when I conducted the workshop-chilly. On the way home I thought to myself, she clearly has some kind of issue. Maybe she’s prejudiced. Maybe she didn’t like what I had to say. But now I wonder if maybe she just needs to be loved.

Even when someone is attractive, appealing, charming, and all-around winsome sometimes it’s still challenging to love them. Let alone someone who’s angry, wounded, and hurting. I mean think about it. Everyone loves those who are easy to love. This is how it is with the crowd I’m usually dealing with. Everyone loves the women who do it right, and in the right order — get an education, fall in love, get married, establish a career, start having children. But what about the ones who don’t even come close to that? No education, have never known real love, never been married, but are pregnant. Some find it a little harder to love on them. After all, they’re often the ones at the back of the line, with an attitude and a look that says, “Back off.” But if we will dare to come closer we could be the ones God uses to show them the utter extravagance of a love that pours itself out for those who mock, despise, and reject.

I am embarrassed that I let the workshop woman get to me. I’m sorry that all it took to repel me was a little hostility and a frosty demeanor. Learn from me, young grasshopper. Take every opportunity He brings your way to risk revealing to someone the Love that made you a son or daughter of the King.

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