Embracing Life -- Day 12

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 12: The Real Reason Why

Sometimes people comment to me that it takes courage to do what I do. I guess I don’t disagree, but I usually don’t think of what it takes in terms of courage. I think it takes time, planning, emotional, intellectual, and physical energy, and patience. All of that undergirded by prayer and activated by the power of God. When it comes down to it, my faith in the power of God is the real reason I and others like me do what we do. Carmen Pate reflects on that today.

What my intellect cannot accomplish, the mind of Christ can. I make plans, but it is the purposes of God that prevail. My energy runs out and dries up, but He never sleeps or slumbers. Abortion is not the only issue about which I try to educate the Black community. All of them are equally challenging and interrelated. Right now, trying to talk to my folk about anything other than money, jobs, health insurance, or Obama feels a little futile. But God is able to accomplish more than what I can ask for or even think about asking for. According to Ephesians 3:20-21 this ability to surpass with power means He is due glory in the church. We should celebrate and honor Him as His church; express confidence in His ability to save babies, save and heal women, and do it all with goodness and justice. So far in the 40 Days campaign, 72 children’s lives have been saved as a result of people praying and reaching out to women at abortion clinics. And these are just the ones that have made their change of mind known.

Seventy two children who had an appointment with death are now safe and destined to live. That’s a miracle. Multiple women who will not have to struggle later with the regret and guilt that comes with an abortion decision. Families that now will have the opportunity and challenge of investing in the future generation. As awesome as that is, God is able to do even exceedingly more abundantly than that. Still 28 days to go …

Find out more at the 40 Days for Life website.

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