Embracing Life -- Day 10

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 10: Every Breath We Take

I’m grateful to Georgette Forney for her devotional today. She draws us back to one of the most fundamental, yet overlooked truths of life. We live because God wills us to.


To accept that our very breath is in God’s hands (Job 12:9-10) requires us to acknowledge that we are not our own. By extension, the breath of an unborn child is in His hands, and that child’s life is not ours either. This fact flies directly in the face of the Supreme Court’s reasoning in Roe v Wade, the case that spawned the choice movement. The court decided that because a woman carries the child in her body, she has the right to decide the fate of that life. The simple realization that every life exists because of God shows the fallacy of that argument. The Court assigned rights based on their perception of ownership. The Bible reveals God as the source and sustainer of life, therefore assigning to Him only the right to determine a person’s course in life.

Now the clash between pro-life and pro-choice takes on a new dimension. We have permitted, even assisted, the ascendancy of a woman to a place that God reserves for Himself alone. This conspiracy of idolatry shows up also in the ideology of pro-choice faith groups who take the position that since God created women as free moral agents with the ability to choose, they are capable of making sophisticated and complex moral decisions for themselves, based on their conclusions about what’s best for them. In other words, Eve redux.

The crux of Eve’s partaking of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is that rather than rely on God’s assessment and instruction about what was right or wrong, she set in motion a spiritual rebellion that discounts the mind of God in favor of our own intellect and choice. With the very breath that God holds in His hands women mock His rule and usurp His authority over the life within them. Oh, is He ever a gracious God.

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