Embracing Life: A 40-Day Adventure

Chandra White-Cummings

Pro-choice. Pro-life. Anti-abortion. Reproductive justice. Life ethic. Words have become weapons in the war of ideas and positions surrounding the a-word: abortion. People on all sides of the issue compete for media coverage, public opinion poll supremacy, and the quickly-dwindling resource dollar. I think we all can agree there are few topics in today’s society that provoke stronger responses. But there’s something we also should remember. Behind–sometimes too far behind–the unfurling banners of the culture war are real women, men, children, and families who have in some way experienced the results of this life-and-death decision. Some of them are hurting, some in denial, and some just want to be left alone.

The recent presidential election, rather than calming things down, has in fact heated up the debate at the grassroots level despite the fact that the subject seems to have faded a bit from the national consciousness. In the midst of this ongoing clash, many pro-life Christians are taking the next 40 days to participate in the national 40 Days for Life campaign, an effort observed in the spring and fall each year that encourages Christians to pray, fast, and reach out to their local communities about issues related to abortion. Each day there is a devotion and prayer provided by the national campaign as guidance for local level participants.

Today is the third day of the spring cycle, which runs from February 25 to April 5. During the remaining 37 days of the current 40-day period, I’ll post daily reflections and thoughts related to the day’s devotional reading and prayer issued by the national office of the campaign. I will also offer a glimpse into my life as someone who sees the personal side of the conflict. What do I hope to gain? I hope that people will read what I have to say, gain a little more knowledge and understanding of the neo-pro-life movement, and maybe pray along with us that more children’s lives will be spared, more Christians will operate from a heart of love and not a desire to dominate the cultural landscape, and women who have made this “choice” will find healing in the embrace of a loving Savior.

Let the adventure begin.

Day 3: The Unborn Child as Lazarus?

Today’s reading attempts to parallel the plight of the unborn child with that of Lazarus whose account we read in Luke 16:19-31. What a way to start our adventure, huh?! Hmm…a bit of a stretch I think. I understand the writer’s point that sometimes people ignore abortion because their view of an unborn child puts him or her on a level lower than the rest of us, but this reading brings up a point I often try to make to my pro-life colleagues. It doesn’t help our credibility when we try to make points about the sanctity of life by taking arguments places they weren’t meant to go. There are enough valid and clear points that support our position without taking messages out of context.

That said, it certainly is worth reminding everyone that when we begin to assign worth to people, whether pre-born or outside the womb, based on our own notions of significance and value, we are headed down a slippery slope, one which we might one day find ourselves at the bottom of. Today, I’m thanking God for life, and asking Him to help me be sensitive to the value of all life created by Him.

Find out more at the 40 Days for Life website.

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