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Dr. Carl Henry wrote the respected book entitled, Christian Ethics. In it he said, “Evangelicals stand openly and firmly for racial equality, human freedom, and all forms of social justice throughout the world.” Dr. Henry simply reflected the biblical teaching of our Lord and that of the Apostle Paul. In his letter to the Romans, Paul shows how to apply the doctrine of justification by faith to everyday living. He says we present our bodies to God as living sacrifices, and allow God’s indwelling Spirit to transform how we think and act—in our personal life, our church life, our political and economic realms, as well as toward people in general. In Romans Chapter 13, he urges us to obey the laws of the land and to pay our taxes, because governments are God’s agents for keeping order. In the economic realm, he urges us to pay our debts, except the debt of love, which we can never pay in full because it becomes due every day. Love is not some sentimental emotional feeling as the media tries to portray it. Love is an act of our will—a commitment to do no harm to other people. Love is the glue that binds us together, the secret to harmony in interpersonal relations; it is the key to Christ-centered living. It begins deep in the heart and spreads outwardly. We learn genuine love when we gaze at God’s Son paying our sin debt on the cross of Calvary.


Republished from a past Daily Direction by Dr. Melvin Banks Sr.

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