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Photo albums can be a useful way to help us recall the past. As you flip through photographs taken long ago, you recall events that you would otherwise forget. Memory is such a critical and valuable asset for living. According to Dr. Ben Carson, the famous brain surgeon, the entire history of our lives is stored on our brains. Carson says recalling our past is critical in helping us function in the present and in making plans for our future. God invites us to recall the things He has done for us in the past. God knows that when we recall His past blessings, we are being empowered to function in the present, and we are gaining confidence to confront the future. Although we never like to dwell on our negative past, we need to remember what got us into trouble so we can avoid similar mistakes. The Prophet Isaiah invited his people to remember their past–how God had delivered them from Egyptian slavery, had nurtured them all through the wilderness, and had blessed them to capture and prosper in the Promised Land. By recalling God’s past blessings, they would be encouraged to trust God in the present, and have confidence of His care as they faced the future. That same principle applies to us today. When we affirm that we owe our past, our present, and our future to God’s grace, we will have greater confidence as we face our daily challenges.

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