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In some circles today, adopted children may view their relationship with their parent as second-class. To them, it implies that the natural parent viewed them as a mistake. Adopted children sometimes feel that way even though the adoptive parent tells them otherwise. Adoptive parents stress that the child was not an accident — they lovingly chose them because they wanted them. Long ago, in ancient Rome, people viewed adoption differently. Back then, it was a way of guaranteeing that when a family took a child as their own, the child would receive equal treatment with natural-born children — even if the adopted child was formerly a slave. The apostle Paul used the illustration of adopted children to explain the believer’s relation to God through Christ. In Galatians 5, Paul explained that before Christ came and died people were slaves to their sinful human nature. Since Christ died to set us free, those who accept Him as their Savior experience a wonderful transformation. Not only are we born into God’s family, we are also adopted as His children. As adopted children, we receive the gift of God’s Spirit to live inside of us. God’s Spirit within us assures us that we are children of God. Furthermore, adoption positions us to become God’s heirs. Everything God gives to His Son, God also gives to us. Our inheritance is priceless, and eternal.

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