college-dreams150x170.jpgWe still can’t get over the amazing story about a 13-year-old kid who’s currently a student at Morehouse College in Atlanta. According to AOL’s Black Voices, young Stephen Stafford has a triple major in pre-med, math, and computer science. He began his college career at age 11, after being home-schooled by his mom.

Though he loves playing video games and drums, he is no typical teenager. His mom said she knew he was ready for college when he started teaching her.

Stafford has become an inspiration to his fellow students at Morehouse, as well as a new kind of role model for 13-year-olds everywhere. Indeed, he potentially could make higher education and intellectual pursuits seem as exciting and desirable as any career in the NBA or rap music. The best and most compelling line from the Black Voices article comes from the author, Dr. Boyce Watkins:

We must, as a community, applaud and uphold this young man. We must cheer for him as if he averages 40 points a game. We should converse about his achievements as if he had released a platinum hip-hop album. He should get the same respect as every linebacker, point guard or hip-hop artist in America.

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