The CHRIST-mas TreeA couple weeks back, we told you about the American Family Association’s boycott of Gap Inc. and other companies that exclude “Christmas” from its holiday advertising. Now here’s the latest strike in the ongoing Christmas culture wars.

Boss Creations, a new holiday décor company, has introduced the new “CHRIST-mas” Tree™, featuring the unique trait of a trunk in the shape of a wooden cross. Company owner Marsha Boggs says the tree was specifically designed to counter the “war on Christmas.”

“When I became a Christian a few years ago,” says Boggs, “I was appalled by the secularization of the Christmas holiday. When retail stores started substituting ‘Happy Holidays’ for ‘Merry Christmas,’ and schools began calling their Christmas programs ‘Winter Plays,’ it all seemed ridiculous to me. That’s why we have created products that remind people what the Christmas season is really all about — the birth of Christ.”

The “CHRIST-mas” Tree™ is size adjustable up to 7.5 foot tall to accommodate various ceiling sizes. Additionally, the company offers ornaments, wreaths, and gift items all with Christian-based themes.

What do you think? Would you get a CHRIST-mas Tree for your home? Or do you think it goes too far in trying to keep the Christ in Christmas?

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