Embracing Life — Day 27

Embracing Life -- Day 27

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 27: Let’s Show Some Love

How do you feel about children? Be honest. Do you see them as a blessing, a nuisance, a burden, or a joy? Probably all of those at one time or another. But even given the ups and downs of dealing with children, if we thoughtfully consider where we stand, we’ll be able to identify our prevailing, overarching view of children. It’s interesting to me how polarized our society has become as it relates to children. Some see kids as entities whose existence is to be carefully planned, managed, or denied when not convenient or easy for us. In fact, it’s almost funny to see how our insatiable need to control almost everything is reflected in our language: crowd control, population control, birth control, mind control. Others consider children to be a way to improve our marital or social status; a means by which to receive love; a guaranteed legacy; and other self-improvement tactics.