Afro America

Afro AmericaChris Rock’s new documentary on black hair has got me waxing all nostalgic.

Growing up I didn’t go to the barbershop much. We had a barber’s chair in our basement–eventually it was in my room–and my dad had the tradition of cutting all of his sons’ hair. Albeit most of my haircuts took place as I sat in that elevated chair, the cultural reality of black hair was very profound in my life.

Embracing Life — Day 23

Embracing Life -- Day 23

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 23: Doctors in the House

Yesterday I focused on fathers who are affected by abortion. Today another group involved in abortion is brought to light. And I’m glad about that because sometimes the physicians and nurses who perform and assist with abortions are the proverbial forest that we can’t see for the woman-centered trees. The medical community is an interesting player in the abortion drama because no one is in a better position to truly appreciate the value of what’s lost than those who understand the human body and its formation.