Hard Choices

Hard ChoicesYesterday I took a phone call from a 19-year-old African American woman who began the call by asking if I knew where she could get the abortion pill. I stopped breathing. I told her no, I didn’t know where she could get an abortion pill. I explained that my organization helps women who want to have their children. She didn’t respond. I thought maybe I’d offended her. My mind was racing, and I was praying. What should I say next? I didn’t want her to hang up; I felt like a crisis negotiator trying to talk down a jumper.

Embracing Life — Day 22

Embracing Life -- Day 22

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 22: Dear Dads

Discussions about abortion typically focus on the women involved. But more and more men are beginning to bring their pain to light, too. Today when I went to the abortion clinic to pray, a young Black man went in with what appeared to be his wife or girlfriend. He came out a short time later alone. One of the other women there spoke to him, and I could tell he was listening, and judging from his body language, he wasn’t in favor of what was happening inside the clinic.