Embracing Life — Day 21

Embracing Life -- Day 21

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 21: The Others

I’m off topic again, but only partially.

One of the great things about 40 Days for Life is that it brings together those from many different facets of the pro-life movement for a concentrated time of prayer, fasting, and outreach. Priests, pastors, citizens, advocates, legislators, physicians, and others put aside methodological, and strategic differences to unite around the common conviction of life being created by God, and worthy of protection. We’re all fighting the good fight of faith the best we know how, kind of like those Biblical examples of old mentioned in the book of Hebrews. I love that passage we’ve come to refer to as the faith hall of fame. Reading about those who subdued kingdoms, shut the mouths of lions, escaped death, and received loved ones back from the dead-that never gets old. That’s thrilling stuff. I can see why it’s in the Book; who wouldn’t be inspired by accounts of such victories wrought by faith? But then there are the “others”…