Spreading the Net

Spreading the NetDespite some progress, a persistent digital divide remains. In this new user-generated “Web 2.0″ world, simple access to computers and the Internet is no longer enough. Not providing all individuals the ability to participate in the great online conversation is more than just a technology issue; it’s a justice issue.

Embracing Life — Day 9

Embracing Life -- Day 9

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 9: First Things First

Today’s reading calls us to pray for those women who have had an abortion. One of the biggest points of contention between pro-life and pro-abortion camps is the post-abortion issue. Should women regret having an abortion? Is post-abortion syndrome real? Should women who experience emotional or psychological problems after an abortion receive treatment specifically related to the abortion itself, rather than generalized sadness and depression? The list goes on. I think maybe we’ve put the cart before the horse in all this. Often it’s a tough sell to even convince people that abortion is wrong, which of course makes unlikely any discussions about healing or restoration. And maybe that’s the problem-we’re trying to do the convincing.