Green in the ‘Hood

Green in the 'HoodIs it possible to create a new economy in the ‘hood that would create jobs, lower energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint of an urban neighborhood, and allow neighbors to get to know one another at the same time? I think there just might be a way to make this a reality. I would like to green my ‘hood.

Embracing Life — Day 6

Embracing Life -- Day 6

Chandra White-Cummings

Day 6: Knowing Us

One reason often given for the acceptability of abortion is that what resides within the woman’s womb is not really a person, but a sort of pre- or potential person. The Bible supports the premise that God sees us the opposite way–fully human people with potential. He speaks of knowing David and Jeremiah before they were born. Not just believing they could exist, but knowing them as already existing. That’s a mind-blowing concept, one which today’s reading considers.